Monday, January 16, 2012

The Interim

Woah, it's been quite a while! A lot has happened since the beginning of last summer, so I will lay out some key points.

  • Built a new computer.  With some parts from a friend, some from Newegg, and an extra monitor I had lying around, I put together a powerful machine.  Now I can play games and encode video to my heart's content.  I'm loving the dual-screens.

  • Got accepted to RIT.  Not only that, but I also received their $15,000 presidential scholarship, the largest they offer!  I had a little trouble deciding what to write about for my application essay, but I finally settled on the old standby: Tying my shoes.  I'm looking forward to studying IT this fall.

  • Learned how to whistle loudly.  I've always wanted to know how to do this, so I sat down one day, looked up how-to videos, and practiced until I got it right.
  • Won the state one-act play competition.  For the second year in a row!  We performed a translation of the kabuki play The Undercover Lover.

 And much more!  Let's see if I can start putting more stuff on here again, shall we?

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